MELLEY Industries, Inc.


Formed to provide reliable software application development and complex data mining/management functions in distributed and complex environments, MELLEY Industries, Inc. has a proven track record working in technically diverse settings for companies around the world.

MELLEY Industries, Inc. offers specific experience that extends from document scanning, data entry, validation, secure dissemination and storage, to network solutions, as well as modeling and simulation. 

Whatever your need, we've probably done it. Important, too, is that all expertise is in-house. 

MELLEY Industries, Inc. employs only the top crust of talent focusing on Computer Science, Information Technologies, Network Security, and related disciples with education level averages of more than 18 years. 

Consistent throughout the MELLEY Team is a desire to impact the industry while meeting the needs of its customers.

Committed to quality and offering a broad range of experience, MELLEY Industries, Inc. is the logical and obvious choice for meeting the IT needs of your organization!

 "We are always working for you."